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People behind the success of
Ram Kishan Dairy Farm

Sh. Ram Kishan Kukreja

Sh. Ram Kishan Kukreja was a man of words and discipline, through his vision and wisdom; we strive to take this company in its client’s best interest. For him, this dairy farm has been a medium to give back to the society in his own unique ways. He believed his clients to be his family, with each client in his cap his family got larger and so did his pride.
He has been conferred upon with many titles by central and state government of Haryana and Punjab for his contribution in animal and agricultural projects throughout his life. He was given the position of District President by Congress party in 1971 for his notable role in building a positive society and for his generous and out of the way ways to reach people of insufficient means at grass root level in providing them employment and other financial needs.
His efforts to promote Haryana’s Murrah buffalo nationwide were recognized impressively by then government. He started this dairy farm at a mere age of 15 and since then he never looked back. He is embodiment of our values and of what we are today and we sincerely pay homage to him for all his works and endeavors.

Sh. Anil Kumar Kukreja

Currently, Ram Kishan Dairy Farm is being run and managed by Shri Ram Kishan Kukreja’s son Anil Kumar Kukreja. His eagerness to learn the tricks of business had put him into the business at a very early age and can be implicitly trust for his know-how.
He is a man of exacting demeanor and ensures his personal involvement throughout the value chain. His prime objective is to sustain the legacy and the reputation across the stakeholders that has been built over six decades by Shri Ram Kishan Kukreja.
Furthermore, he has been known for his clear and fair trade practices which in turn adds to our values leading to long-term relations with our clients and it’s a matter of immense pride for having been able to sustain our clients for more than fifty years.
He always quote, “This business is a blessing from my father and I would do the trade keeping best interest of our clients.”

About Ram Kishan Dairy Farm

Ram Kishan Dairy Farm is the leading supplier of Murrah buffaloes in Jind, Haryana, India. Incepted in 1951 by Seth Ram Kishan Kukreja, the company has grown manifolds in terms of providing high milch cattle to its client base.

We primarily focus on breeding, buying and selling of highest quality of Murrah buffaloes in India at large and Maharashtra in particular. With its center base at Jind, Haryana; we boast of our impeccable decades’ long knowledge in this field and thereby giving the best to our existing and prospective clients.
Ram Kishan Dairy has been very vigilant in ensuring our buffaloes are well nurtured and follow all veteran norms to have a high yielding buffalo as naturally as possible.

Our objectives include:

• Promoting good quality buffaloes at most affordable prices
• Promoting Murrah buffalo at a nationwide level
• Marketing high yielding buffaloes to our clients
• Maintaining a healthy and hygienic raring conditions for buffaloes
• Creating a disease free and natural growth pattern of Murrah buffalo
• Providing basic as well as technical know-how of setting up dairy farms
• Breeding genetically superior Murrah buffaloes

List of our existing
clients… to name a few

  • • Kantharia Cattle Farm, Mumbai, Maharashtra
    • Bajansons Borivali, Mumbai
    • Iqbal Sons, Bhiwandi
    • Narhari Farms, Kalyan
    • Ghulab Mishra & Sons, Kopar Khairane
    • Abhang Agro, Nasik
    • Indian Dairy, Kaman
    • Western Dairy, Arya Colony, Mumbai
    • Noble Dairy, Arya Colony, Mumbai
    • Pavitra Dairy, Arya Colony, Mumbai
    • Real Dairy, Arya Colony, Mumbai
    • Regency Dairy, Arya Colony, Mumbai

List of our Services

  • • We facilitate all services from buying from different villages across Haryana, providing manpower for good care during transit and arranging transport. We have an established network through our agents for the best procurement.
  • • If you are new in this business, we can also guide you on how it works, overall investment required, production cycle of a cattle, feed cost, etc. We have helped our clients in setting up a new farms as well.

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